Like all the spheres of activities, rent-a-car service in Moldova gains new experience and requirements every year, and most importantly, improves the quality of services offered. Buoyant rhythm of growth of economic agents operating in this industry requires new rules of the game in the sphere. Although ten years ago, approximately 5-10 economic entities specialized in rent-a-car service were registered by the State Registration Chamber; nowadays, this number is over 100. The large number of offers imperatively requires improving the level of activities in general. But where does this sphere of activity relatively new for our country come from? If we look a little behind, we will find out that the first car to be rented was a Ford in the US.

    Like any other services, such service appeared in accordance with the demand. The same process took place in our country, too. We have started the sphere of activity already well established in other countries, known by the population, and regulated by the legislation. Unfortunately, in Moldova, there are still some obstacles preventing us from raising rent-a-car services offered to a higher level. One of them is interaction between the customer as the beneficiary and the company as a provider.

    However, in recent years, many countries have introduced bold strategies of modern marketing such as renting vehicles without drivers or by some simplified methods – using a mobile phone application in order to easily find the nearest location where a free car may be rented, after which, also using a mobile phone, you can get access to and fill in a blank (lease agreement) online, and then, you can get access to the vehicle in front of you also using your phone.

    Such rent is paid for on the basis of km of highway covered, which is typically quite affordable. This innovation confirms maturity and experience in this sphere.

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