The advantages offered by the car rental from Chisinau airport, Moldova

The advantages offered by the car rental from Chisinau airport, Moldova

    What is the specificity of car leasing in Chisinau, Moldova? The current economic situation in which our country is located has determined many of our citizens to leave the borders of the country, to find a better paid job, to ensure their existence but also to help their neighbors. But as good as it would be in another country, having a financial stability and a future outlook, it is difficult to activate without having the dear husband / wife, children, parents, brothers, sisters.    

     This is why when you return home for a few days or even weeks, not having your own car you can call the car rental service in Chisinau at the airport. Taking a rented car from the airport will save you time, because you will not have to go somewhere in the city to look for the office of the rental company, as well as you will save the money that you will have to pay by taxi for leaving in the city, which can be a pretty exaggerated amount for the airport-city route.     

     If you order a car from our agency, do not forget to specify that the car you want to receive it at the airport or in another convenient place for you and we will deliver it to the place and time. The car delivery service at the airport costs 5 euros per day and 10 euros for the night. You can also return the car for the same amount. Receiving and returning the car to the airport is simple and convenient.

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