When is it worth renting a car in Moldova ?

When is it worth renting a car in Moldova ?

     When is it worth renting a car in Moldova? Modern people live in a dynamic rhythm. At this rate, it is impossible to survive without a vehicle. Not everyone has a car in Moldova, not every person or company can afford to maintain a permanent vehicle. We often need transport with a significant passenger capacity. When it is not possible to buy a car or your car is temporarily defective, you can always order a rental service in Moldova. You can order a car with or without a driver. Such services are required in almost all cities of Moldova.

     Before giving preference to a particular company that offers car rental services, you need to make sure of the following:

     - there is a license to provide such services; - there are a sufficient number of cars of different brands;

     - a formal lease is concluded, which specifies all the conditions that suit both parties.

     Usually large companies meet all these characteristics. In what other cases is it worth renting a car in Moldova? You often have to meet business partners, relatives at the airport or train station. In this case, it is advisable to contact the company to rent the necessary vehicle. Here you can choose a car that will meet all your needs. A car rental contract in Moldova can be concluded for an hour, a week, a month. It all depends on the capabilities and financial needs of the client. A rental car can be reserved for those who go on a trip, but do not have their own car, or it is not comfortable enough for long trips. In this case, the car can be ordered with a driver. It should be noted that a car with a driver will cost much more for long journeys.

     The main advantages of renting a car are the following:

     1. When a customer concludes a car rental contract, he saves his money. Do not spend money on insurance, fuel, technical inspection of the car. This is especially beneficial when the vehicle is needed for a short period of time.

     2. Another important advantage of renting a car is the absence of indirect costs associated with car maintenance. The client gets rid of various organizational problems. He gets the car in good condition at the right time. Its tasks include refueling, safe and correct operation of the vehicle. The return of the vehicle is specified in the contract. This can be a physical delivery of the car directly to the rental yard. The customer can leave the car at the agreed place.

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